“While my reading with Pam was emotional, her calmness helped guide me through. She was very calm and made sure I was ok during the reading. I am not a person that is a great believer until Pam. She spoke on things that only my brother and I knew. She gave me something that I never thought I would get after my brother’s death and I am forever grateful for her and her gift.” – Christal, NY

“Within seconds of the start of the reading, Pam clearly had contact with my beloved Aunt. It didn’t take long for her to establish exactly who it was. She brought through her essence so wonderfully and gave me an incredible message. Pam gave so much evidence that I truly felt my Aunt’s presence. Her information was so spot on and the message was clearly given. I feel so much better about a situation that I’ve been dealing with after this reading. Pam brought through the message with the same compassion and love that my Aunt had. I am so glad for the connection and would highly recommend her.” – Michelle, PA

“My reading with Pam blew me away. I was struck by her compassion, love, clarity, and perspective. I continue to be so grateful for the messages from passed loved ones – my time with Pam brought closure and new phases of healing to me and my family in ways that I never expected.” – Johanna, NY

“Pamela’s readings are amazing! The messages I’ve received from spirit have reinforced my faith in the knowledge that loved ones are with me always, and that they continue to care and cheer me on in all my endeavors! I’m never disappointed and always enlightened when I book a session with Pamela!”- Sheri, NJ

“I’ve now had several readings with Pamela and I can’t say enough about how gifted, comforting and compassionate she is. She connected with several of my loved ones who have crossed over providing spot on details of their personalities and delivering clear and direct messages. It brings me great joy and peace of mind knowing they’re so close to me and still guiding, protecting and loving me.” – Heather, NY

“Beyond Pam’s extraordinary gift to connect with loved ones on the other side, her empathetic and healing nature makes you feel at ease and comforted straight away. She delivers messages from spirit in a gentle tone and has an uncanny ability to describe what she’s seeing, feeling and hearing from loved ones. After all my readings with Pam, I feel lighter and at peace and wildly grateful for her. This will be the absolute most heartfelt and healing reading you will have. Treasure your time with Pam.” – Alison, NY

“OMG…Pam gave me a reading and she was on the money. I was flabbergasted. Two people who are very special to me, and especially in my childhood, so there are no paper ties, came through to Pam. Names and only information that I know came out in the reading. Truthfully, I cried. Two unanswered questions that I have held onto were answered through Pam. When we finished, I said to her that, out of everyone surrounding me, I would have never expected them to be the first to contact me. But, Pam’s gift helped me realize something I’m living through now, and the information shared is supporting and guiding me. Allow yourself to be present and see who shows up with love, support, and lessons.” – China, NY

“Pam is an extremely gifted medium. I was skeptical at first, but her intuition is spot on, as she knew names and events that she could not have otherwise known. Her reading was full of compassion, wisdom, and guidance, and her connection with the spirit world is truly amazing.” – Valerie, NY

“Pam is an incredibly insightful and gifted medium far beyond her years. I was blown away at the depth and breath of her reading. She was so accurate, bringing forth names and very specific details that no one else could know. Her eloquent and rich descriptions of their personalities coupled with compassionate messages lent to a deeply healing experience. I look forward to future readings with her.” – Julie, CO

“I was skeptical going into it. I, fortunately, haven’t lost anyone close to me, so I wasn’t sure how the reading would unfold. Pamela was able to connect with relatives I had never met. It was incredible to learn about them and have the evidence validated by my family after the fact. The reading was also filled with clear and uplifting messages that provided helpful guidance about major situations occurring in my life at the time. I’m very thankful I stepped out of my comfort zone. I already have my next reading booked and marked on the calendar.”  – Aliza, NY

“My reading with Pamela was very nurturing, she put me at ease and led me through to those who wanted to communicate with me. I felt very safe and open to the experience and Pamela’s energy was a huge part of that— thank you!” – Stephanie, CA

“I didn’t have any prior experience with mediums, and didn’t know what exactly to expect. But I wanted to see what it was about and trusted Pamela completely to guide me through. I had two people I was missing with whom I’d always hope to connect and they both came through, along with others. I couldn’t believe the peace and comfort that came with feeling them close again.” – Brittany, NY