What can I expect from a reading? You can expect healing messages from your loved ones in Spirit. Guidance about your life is likely to come up as well.

Sessions are recorded and emailed to you for download. Recordings are not guaranteed. You are welcome to record the session as well.

Where are you located? I am local to the Charlotte, North Carolina area, but I provide video and phone readings to clients all over the country as well as internationally.

Is there anything I should be afraid of? I promise that there is nothing to be afraid of. You are very much loved by those in Spirit, and I anchor my readings in this love to promote healing.

How can I prepare for a reading? If it is a phone or video reading, please be alone in a room at the time of the session as there’s the possibility of tuning into the energy of those who may be around you.

The most important thing: come with an open heart and mind! You are also welcome to set an intention in advance of the reading.  

Does it work the same even if we’re not in person? Yes! Phone and video readings work just the same. Spirit is not bound by time or space, so the connection is just as strong remotely as it is in an in-person reading.

My loved ones spoke a different language. Can they still communicate with you? They can! Similarly to Spirit not being bound by time or space; Spirit is not bound by language either. Messages are not impacted by language and will come across strongly.

What if some of the information does not immediately resonate with me? That is ok! It is actually pretty common. There is often a lot of excitement (which is great and encouraged) during the time of the reading, and pieces of information can temporarily be forgotten. This is also why I record the reading for you and welcome you to record it for yourself.

Can I book a reading without providing my name? Absolutely. Feel free to e-mail me from an address that does not feature your name.

Do you read for groups? Yes! Please email me here or call/text 212.457.1743 for more information.

Are you 100 % accurate? No medium is 100% accurate. If one says they are, you might want to run in the other direction. 🙂